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What is Native Love?
Native Love is defined by our traditional ways of caring for each other. Our NativeLove project encourages youth to rethink what Native Love means to them, and empower them to define healthy relationships for themselves this is with the aim of promoting non-violent, respectful, safe relationships among Native youth, their families, communities, cultures, & Nations.

Those of us in Native communities often hear jokes about “Indian lovin” as waking up with a hickey and a black eye—that’s not love, it’s dating violence. This project gives us the opportunity to think about what NativeLove really is, so we can create change in our thinking and restore our traditional ways of loving, which are characterized by respect, honor, kindness, and compassion.

Through a grant from Verizon, our NativeLove project includes a youth video/photo challenge, posters, social media campaigns, FAQs, and teen resources and toolkits. These are offered to support and inform youth and educators about healthy relationship and to encourage dialogue in Native communities.

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Special thanks to Verizon for funding the NativeLove Youth project and for their ongoing support in promoting healthy relationships for Native youth.

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